Wickwar Out of School Club Polices


Once registered with the club (Click here for Registration Details), you will be deemed to accept all the Policies and Procedures and Rules of the Club.

Please click on any of the policies listed below to view and/or download - hard copies are also available to be looked at, on request, within the club setting.  Please note that policies have been checked and signed for in the 2016/2017 academic year.  If the policy content has not changed then the original 2015 version remains on the website.

  1. Admissions Policy

  2. Anti-bullying Policy

  3. Arrivals and Departures

  4. Behaviour Management

  5. Complaints Procedure

  6. Confidentiality Policy

  7. Early Years Foundation Stage

  8. Equal Opportunity Policy

  9. Equipment Policy

  10. Fire Safety

  11. Flu/ Influenza Pandemic Policy

  12. Healthy Eating

  13. Health & Safety Policy

  14. Illness and Accidents

  15. Inclusion Policy

  16. Infectious and Communicable Diseases

  17. Intimate Care

  18. Key Worker Policy

  19. Managing Medicines Policy

  20. Manual Handling

  21. Missing Children Policy

  22. Mobile Phones

  23. Risk assessment

  24. Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs

  25. Rules for Children Policy

  26. Outings Policy

  27. Play Policy

  28. Rules for Children Policy

  29. Safeguarding Children & Child Protection

  30. Safe Recruitment

  31. Social Media Policy

  32. Staffing Policy

  33. Sun Protection Policy

  34. Suspension and Exclusion Policy

  35. Uncollected Children Policy

  36. Unforeseen Closure

  37. Visitors